Successful case study of IoT solution

Local and remote monitoring/recording of surveillance systems on multiple sites use as earth/soil transportation staging ground for reclamation works. Singapore HDB are consolidating earth/soil excavated from mainland projects and use them in the reclamation works on an island off Singapore mainland. Due to the massive amount of earth/soil needed to transport to the island, multiple staging ground sites had been setup to facilitate the transportation work. Surveillance systems had been set up along the entire perimeter to prevent unauthorized access, and also to monitor the traffic conditions on both within the sites and outside of the sites so as to maintain efficiency and maximise operability. A total of approximately 300 IP cameras, both fixed cameras and PTZ cameras are install across 2 sites, with local recording servers of minimum of 30 days recordings and full server redundancy. Network within each site are connected through CAT6 and Fiber cables with lightning surge protection on all the equipment. UPS installed on all backend equipment to support a 2 hours power backup and all outdoor equipment are back up by electrical power generators. Remote monitoring by HDB is made possible through high speed fiber broadband and VPN routers for a secured network regardless of location.


Pic 1. Partial schematic of the surveillance system.



Pic 2. Screenshot on some of the cameras. (Pictures of sites are deliberately blur out due to security reasons.)


Pic 3. Screenshot of the surveillance system recording server.


Pic 4. Screenshot of the surveillance system recording server.

Successful case study of Hard Disk Drive Testing Equipment


There are about 5 Types of Equipment during the process of Hard Disk Drive final assembly. Each Equipment required PC as the controller for different testing process and required difference number of I/O card or type of slot. Thus making the cost of maintenance and purchase higher. In order to keep the cost lower, standardizing the PC across the 5 Equipment become the main requirement.

As the Research and Design of the Equipment takes 1 to 2 year to complete and the mass production need another 3 years, a normal commercial PC is not able to support this type of requirement, since a normal commercial life span is only 1 year. Thus, the second requirement is the Longer Life Span of the PC – At least 5 years!


An Industrial Grade Single Board Computer with the PICMG Standard was introduced. It is the combination of the PICMG CPU Card with the Passive Backplane. Using this type of solution, customer was able to choose one type of backplane that support across the difference I/O Card and type of Slot Requirement. PICMG CPU card have all the Display, Ethernet and Serial Port embedded, thus making it easy to standardize one PC across the 5 Equipment. Maintenance and Purchase become easier and also making of the cost of purchase lower.

A customized small size chassis was developed to support this PICMG/Backplane combination. BIOS of the PICMG CPU Card was customized to support 5 type of Equipment. After 6 months of Testing and Modifying, all the 5 Equipment was successfully tested without error.


There are total of 10 Production Line for the Assemble and Testing of the Hard Disk Drive. Each Production Line required 1000 sets of Industrial PC, thus a Total of 10 000 Sets of Industrial PC was delivered.


Successful case study of Laser Trimmer Equipment


The Laser Trimmer required two PC Controller; one is I/O Control and the other one of for Visual and Motion Control. However space is limited, only a 4U Space. Another limitation is one controller only need DOS operating system and the other one need Window Based System for HMI. The third limitation is that each controller needs a number of Interface card with different type of Slot. The fourth limitation is the length of the interface cards are various.

Since the equipment need to support the Industry for at least more than five years, the Life Span of the PC become one of the critical requirement. Thus, selecting the right Chipsets and Processors is important. When facing the End-of-Life component, the last buy order need to be issue to the customer at least 6 month in advance, so that the correct quantity will be prepared and keep in stock.


A dual segment PICMG Passive Backplane was introduced. This backplane is able to support both PICMG CPU Card. The chipsets of both the PICMG CPU Card was carefully selected with the advise from Intel, so that the first CPU card was able to support the DOS operating system and the second CPU card was able to support Windows operating system. The Life Span of both the PICMG CPU card was make sure to be more than 5 years.

Since both the CPU Card is within one 4U chassis, power on/off become an issue. Only one button but need to turn on both system at the same time. And when Window based system shut down, the DOS system need to be off as well.

After carefully studying the wiring, this issue was solved. The windows based system is set to ATX mode and the DOS based system is set to AT mode. With the proper wiring, the above challenge was solved.

This 4U Dual System Industrial PC is also able to support the different number of I/O card, motion card, vision card with different type of slot and length. Finally, it was tested for 6 months without error.

An agreement was made also to ensure that the system is able to support the Industry for more than 5 years and EOL Notice with last buy order.


The Dual System Industrial PC was delivered with 200 systems per year for the last 7 years. The Equipment was sold to worldwide with mainly region in China, Taiwan and Malaysia.