Accrete is committed to provide a quality product that satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations the first time, every time!
Through a set of core values, Accrete employees strive to increase the value of all our customers and partners. Our mission is guided by a set of objectives with the fundamental spirit and philosophy to increase customer’s value.

We aspire to:
1. Understanding and responding to our customers’ needs and expectations timely.
2. Providing products with proven designs.
3. Improving the systems of production to generate continuing quality and productivity improvements.
4. Developing a highly-trained and motivated and responsible workforce.
5. Establishing long-term relationships with suppliers.
6. Continually improving on all of the above.



Accrete will become a Total Quality Management company through continuous improvement in our products or business processes to satisfy internal and external customers in terms of QCDS (Quality, Cost-effective, Delivery on time, customer-care Service). We will monitor and continuously improve business, products and services, organization and employees performance.



Accrete continuously focuses on quality and innovation as the only means to comprehend corporate responsibility and sustainable operations. We follow a standardized and strict product design and development management procedure. Based on the principle of DFX (Design for manufacturing, assembling…etc.), at each development stage, R&D, production, technical, quality control, testing, and sales engineers and project manager work together to ensure appropriate manufacturibility and reliability are designed into product, and meet with regulations and customer requirements.

Prior to assembly, quality inspections assure incoming materials and parts conform to our published specifications. The products are 100% tested during assembly process, and quality personnels perform finish sampling inspections to ensure product quality.

In Accrete, every associate understands that superior quality is our top priority, and maintaining superior quality and pursuing continuous improvement are everyone's responsibility.